TIN & ZINC         simbolo stagnopng     simbolo Zincopng

Produced by Air Atomization with Spherical / Globular shape, high purity (Sn> 99.8%) and grain size between 25 and 250µ are the main factors that characterize the Tin powder. Mixed with Copper powder for the production of self-lubricating bushes, for Chemical reactions, Friction materials, Electromagnetic shields, and Diamond tools are the main application fields  for this material.

Alloyed with other elements, Copper, Silver, Lead etc. make it one of the most used materials in the metallurgical industry.

Also produced by Air Atomization with particle size between 20 and 400µ it's used for Sintering, in the production of Friction materials, Batteries, Brazing pastes and Paints. It offers its characteristics of resistance to oxidation.

We are able to supply other grain size on request.